Project Ukraine

From the first days of the war, we are present in Ukraine, where we support the logistics and transport sector, ensuring their security of supply to the areas most affected by the effects of Russian aggression. We support business in the Ukrainian reconstruction program, and we create relations with the local communities and authorities on the spot. We also help non-profit organizations and volunteers move safely in areas affected by hostilities.

Our team consists of specialists with many years of experience in officials and government delegations’ protection in the areas of military missions in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Jordan, and other regions of the world. Our knowledge, experience and operational resources allow us to transport people and cargo efficiently and safely in Ukraine, relying on accurate and up-to-date data on military threats in specific regions of the country. Being on site, we constantly monitor the information on the traffic volume and the condition of the road infrastructure, considering many other factors affecting the safety of road transport in each region.

Convoy Protection

VIP Protection

Quick Response Team

Business Reconnaissance

Risk Assessment

Evacuation Plans

Anti-corruption Audit

Verification of suppliers of services and goods

Verification of counterparties



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Operational office

Operational office

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