Cooperation with Law Firms

InvestProtect provides evidence support services for law firms and their clients. We help prevent unfair competition and hostile takeovers, as well as obtain evidence of non-competition violations by employees. Our detectives use all methods of operational work permitted by law, including:

  • using a special technique for monitoring rooms, also during pedestrian and car observation,

  • acquiring and cooperating with informants,
  • organizing undercover meetings to record the course of the meeting

When obtaining evidence, our experts act in accordance with the law, guided by the principles of ethics, diligence and loyalty to the law firm ordering the service. Our licensed detectives have the right to collect and process personal data obtained during activities undertaken in the case as part of their business.


Thanks to cooperation with InvestProtect, law firms can offer their clients more comprehensive services. The evidence materials we prepare (photos, video and audio materials, documents) and a detailed report constitute indisputable evidence in court. Additionally, the testimony of our detective before the court as a witness often turns out to be the key argument in the case.


Evidence support services for law firms and their clients offered by Investprotect:

Obtaining evidence in anti-competition cases.

Obtaining evidence in civil cases and economic offenses.

Verification of the financial situation of entities and assessment of the actual scale of their businesses.

Anti-counterfeiting of brands and goods

Surveillance of people, places, and events.

Determining the place of work and the sources of person's income



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Operational office

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